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The Issues Go Further Than Wax…

Demand for ear and hearing healthcare services is growing rapidly, due to a variety of factors. These include an increasingly-ageing population, exposure to loud noises such as music and machinery, the increased use of headphones, and even the way we clear our ears using cotton ear buds. All of this has an adverse effect on our daily lives. The current patient pathway to ear and hearing healthcare can be both disjointed and relatively inaccessible.

Many patients move from appointment to appointment, spread over several weeks, if not months. The average waiting time for patients to receive treatment was 12-16 weeks (pre-Covid). This has now grown substantially. Not only that, but most GPs have also stopped offering wax removal as a service, which has a significant impact on access and wellbeing.

Here at Clear to Hear! we offer a mobile ear cleaning service in Leicester, and cover the whole of the East Midlands, enabling our clients to have clearer hearing and to feel more comfortable again.


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What Are the Symptoms of Excessive Wax Build-Up?


Ear Pain

One of the most common ear wax problems is pain in the ear.

It could come out of nowhere, very sharply, or it could be more dull, stretched out over time. Either way, it is indicative of problems that require attention.



Itching in your inner ear can be a compounding problem; the more you feel the itch, the more you want to scratch, the more skin flakes and debris you end up dislodging and sending down the ear canal. For this our ear cleaning service in Leicester is the perfect solution.



Muffled Sound

Muffled sound is a very clear indication of an ear wax problem.

With excessive wax built up in the ear canal, it can coagulate and literally block the canal, making sound muffled – the perfect time for a treatment.


Loss of Hearing

Hearing loss is a very serious issue, this can be the result of an excessive buildup of ear wax so removing this can help levitate the problem. Hearing loss cannot be reversed, but can be mitigated and slowed, with the help of hearing aids, in many cases.


Ear Infections

An excessive buildup of ear wax can lead to ear infections – if we find an infection, we would not be able to remove the wax by microsuction but, instead, refer you to your GP for further treatment to clear the infection. Once cleared, the removal of wax can be completed, usually after about a week.  


Strange New Sounds

You might think you're “just hearing things” but we would never advise ignoring strange and unfamiliar sounds. It could very well be indicative of hearing issues and is always something worth looking into.



That loud, piercing ringing in your ear is never something to be ignored, either. If you suffer from tinnitus, even to a small degree, it could mean that you have an ear wax problem. Get it checked.


Hearing Aid Blockages

If you use a hearing aid, excessive wax build-up could interfere with its proper function. It's important to have this examined, or it could result in further damage to your hearing.




How to Solve Ear Wax Problems

We advise that microsuction is the most convenient, least invasive and, above all, the safest method of extracting excess wax from the ear canal. As part of this service, we also complete a comprehensive examination of the outer ear, as well as an otoscopy, to identify the condition of your ear canal. To find out more about how we can help you, please visit our What is Microsuction? page.

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The Ear Wax Removal Treatment Service

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